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Can one man stop the unstoppable?

A giant alien mosquito is drawn to earth due to rising CO2 levels in search of blood. Del, a government agent, loses loved ones to the creature and is on a personal vendetta while scientist Dr. Kempler is captivated by it and attempts to help the creature "cleanse" the earth. The scientist's beautiful lab assistant Brittany is caught in the middle.

Insectula! is a hilarious throwback to the creature feature movies of the pre-slasher era. It captures some of the sensibilities and looks of the Roger Corman, American International, Hammer, Toho and other double bill drive-in movies with a straight face while keeping the absurdities these films often had, along with many stunning bombshells in bikinis! Instead of the nuclear menace, global warming is drawing the creature in a nod to movies such as Them!, Tarantula!, The Deadly Mantis, and others. The film was shot with acute attention to composition as well as color, and goes so far as to emulate the Technicolor and Eastmancolor stocks of the earlier films it imitates. Filmmaker Mike Peterson uses his love for giant monster movies, mixing and matching practical effects and CGI to create an homage to atomic age monster movies with gallons of the icky stuff modern horror fans have come to expect!


Arielle is Danielle and Mike's daughter. She is a print model and has done extensive modeling and commercial work in Europe, living in Barcelona and Istambul for several years and enjoying the travel. Insectula! is her first feature film, and although she found the producer and director acted like parents, she dealt with it professionally! Arielle was on the cover of Esquire weekly and also featured in Esqire in Turkey.


Sarah (formally known as Scarlet Salem) is a Scream Queen currently living in LA. She has been in more movies than we can count and is a joy to work with because of her confident nature on set. We always enjoyed shooting sceans with Sarah because she is so much fun to be around! Visit to get to know her better and see some very sexy cheesecake photos!

Cast and Crew

MIKE PETERSON | DIRECTOR | WRITER | FX | EDITOR Mike is the creator of Insectula! as well as having a hand in most everything with the movie. Mike studied film since childhood with 8mm reels and Famous Monsters of Filmland magazine. In college he majored in film and after graduation directed commercials. Insectula! is Mike's first feature film.
DANIELLE CEZANNE | PRODUCER | SOUND | LOCATIONS | CASTING Danielle also had a hand in most aspects of the production. After working with music and as a director of an art center, Danielle was able to use her skills on Mike's movie and became Insectula's producer and Sound Supervisor.
CHRISTIAN ANDERSON | DIRECTOR OF PHOTOGRAPHY | SET DESIGN Chris made his first movie while he was still in high school. He was instrumental in the production by bringing his many talents. Along with his eye for cinematography he helped build sets, rigged practical effects and more.
JON SPRINGER | DIRECTOR OF PHOTOGRAPHY Jon is known for his camera work and directing skills. He has directed films such as The Hagstone Demon, Dollface, The Wood Witch and others. Jon is excellent at composing and sculpting with light, and brought these needed skills to Insectula!
ANNE MARIE GILLEN | EXECUTIVE PRODUCER Anne Marie has produced hit movies such as Academy Award nominated Fried Green Tomatoes, Under Suspicion with Gene Hackman and Morgan Freeman, and others. Anne Marie is also the author of Variety's The Producer's Business Handbook.
ARIELLE CEZANNE | BRITTANY SAX Arielle is a print and film model who has modeled extensively in Istanbul and Barcelona, as well as other cities in Europe and USA. She was recently on the cover and had a feature in the Esquire Weekly Edition. This is Arielle's first feature film role.
SARAH FRENCH | SARAH Sarah French (formally Scarlet Salem) acts in films, commercials and music videos. To date she has acted in over 30 films and been featured in magazines such as Gorezone and Girls and Corpses and writes a scream queen column for the UK based Shock Horror Magazine.
HARRISON MATTHEWS | DR. HEINRICH JOHANN KEMPLER III Harrison Matthews has been involved with acting since being cast as an extra in the Coen Brothers' Fargo. Since then he has worked with numerous independent film projects, such as The Hagstone Demon, The Devil's Hour, The Center, Zombie 101, and of course Insectula!
PASQUALE PILLA | ALDO "DEL" DELBIANDO Pasquale graduated from Minneapolis College of Art and Design and is a working artist. He wrote, directed and starred in Klownboy, Circus of Gore, and has acted in other films including Living Arrangements.